For Klaudia Dietewich, the city is not an uncoordinated bustle of crowds or a dense cityscape of houses, but rather an almost abstract entity in which human beings have left their enigmatic repetitive traces. This is the place where the artist perceives the great and pure beauty of the modern world. What a bewildering poetry of stains, scrapes, fissures, and smears! It is as if photography had found its true subject here. With her sense of form and structure, Dietewich captures disappeared and disappearing life, creating an archive of images - familiar, irritating, and disconcerting all at once - that redefine an urban space we presume to know.
Photography thus turns out to be the medium that places the photographer's eye at the center of the creative act, inviting us to perceive the world anew, over and over again. It is more than mere documentation here: it is an emblematic concretion, challenging the viewer to decode its possible meanings.
Dietewich's found objects attempt a kind of photographic psychography using fragments of reality. These coagulated remnants of our civilization offer the imagination a matrix for encrypting our cultural codes, enabling us to perceive the world anew. The photographs oscillate between simple reproduction of the amorphous subjects and a structuring thereof, suggesting concrete objects or depictions. The asphalt and wall images become a projection screen for the imagination. The photographs thus render chaos and its structures simultaneously, which contributes to their enigmatic appeal.
On her walks through cities all over the world, Dietewich has photographed scarred, spilled, torn, and scratched asphalt surfaces and walls inscribed, sprayed, or covered with the remnants of billboards, visually eluting and juxtaposing fragments in her photographic prints on AluDibond or barium paper. In the process, she preserves the surface structures of the actual subjects, which contributes to the esthetics of her work. The results call to mind photographs of abstract artworks; at the same time, they represent photography at its purest. Contemplating her work, it is hard not to recall the great masterpieces of art teeming in our collective memory.